Easy and simple

Easy You don't have to be a rocket scientist to use PixFit. Just start it, drag around or click on an object that needs to be measured and you're done. PixFit's user interface was designed not to get in your way — that's why most of the time it's invisible.

Just works

Just works PixFit is not a plugin to any other application and it works with every filetype you can imagine. The rule is: "If your computer can display it, PixFit can measure it". Our software analyzes the image your computer displays so it will never be incompatible with your documents.

Measure irregular shapes

Irregular Not all the things that we measure are square and that's why PixFit offers two ways to measure elements. You can click inside or drag around an object to see it's dimensions. As pictured above, the object doesn't have to have a distinct background color.

Settings & Appearance

Appearance Settings We have tried to keep PixFit as simple as possible so it won't spam you with hundreds of windows and hours of configuration. Just assign a system wide keyboard shortcut, select your colors, clipboard formats and you're ready to go in 10 seconds.

Incredibly fast

Fast When first starting PixFit you'll notice it's extremely fast. We've put a lot of effort for it to be this way and we're sure it uses the lowest possible amount of resources. That's why you'll get used to the fact that PixFit is the first icon in your status bar — that means it started first.

Quick menu

Quick Menu Most of the time PixFit will be invisible to you. It just hangs out in the status bar waiting for your orders. You can put it to work either by the quick access menu or by setting up a system wide keyboard shortcut — the choice is yours.